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Trieste is a city of a thousand souls and the many faces. This cosmopolitan aspect derives from its geographical position and the fact that it has always been a major sea port where the continuous trading led to have both Mitteleuropean and Mediterranean influences. It is often and simply considered as a border town between nations, a city where you can make a short stop before reaching Croatia or Slovenia. It is rather a place to be discovered. In the past Trieste hosted several famous figures and writers. The ideas and thoughts were running free and this wide movement led to the birth of many cafes where James Joyce, Svevo, Saba, Stendhal used to go.
In many of these literary cafes, everything has remained unaltered since then and today they represent real tourist attractions. We suggest a relaxing break in the Café of Mirrors in Piazza Unità or Caffé Tommaseo of 1830, the oldest cafe of Trieste. One of the most beautiful monuments of the city is definitely the Castle of Miramare. It was built in 1850 by the will of the Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian of Habsburg to live together with his wife Charlotte of Belgium. The castle overlooks the sea and has large green areas. It was perfect for reigning monarchs who loved sea and botany. If you prefer to visit large natural works then you cannot miss the Giant Cave formed in 10 million years, but since just a century people have the chance to visit it. It was accidentally discovered in 1890 and was accessible to the first tourists in 1908. To give you an idea about the stunning beauty that nature can create, it is enough to say that the most impressive stalagmite is called "Roger Column" and is 12 meters high. The centuries-old Austro-Hungarian influence is easily visible in the cuisine of Trieste, in fact you will find many dishes that will make you think being in Vienna or Prague. There are, however, many alternative cuisines, such as that typycal of Mitteleurope, consisting of meat, potatoes and vegetables only. We recommend you try the "Jota" (a very tasty soup made with beans, sauerkraut, potatoes and sausages), the “Goulash” (with meat and vegetables) and lamb in horseradish sauce. If you prefer fish, try anchovies in savor and salt cod. For a quick meal, we suggest you a quick sandwich from "Pepi's" in the old city. In this region wine is renowned so try it and you will be pleasantly delighted.