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Immersed in the heart of the hinterland of the Maremma, Saturnia is built on a long travertine plateau. A place where miraculous water emerges from the bowels of the earth and where the surface brings relief and wellbeing.
Not far from the capital Grosseto, Saturnia is a village shrouded in mystery and legend, that has roots in ancient times.This ancient settlement owes its name to a legend and is said to be the most ancient town in Italy. Although some would argue the origins, for sure Etruscans, Romans, and Senesi have left traces of their passage on the outer walls, and what has been left to us. The Etruscan name Aurinia was soon changed by the Romans and Saturnia was instituted, in honor of the god that the legend indicates as forefather of the town and its thermal baths. It is said that Jupiter, son of Saturn, in an attempt to oust his father threw him on the ground, or that one of his lightning bolts missed him and hit the ground. This traumatic impact gave off a miraculous spring that calmed tempers. Another version of the legend has it that it was the Saturn that hurled a thunderbolt against quarrelsome men ... however, as it went, the benefits and healing powers of water are a reality that made this city one of the most frequented destinations for spa tourism.
Saturnia is also an archaeological site of some significance as evidenced by the many Etruscan and Roman remains kept in the local museum and the necropolis of Puntone. In the immediate vicinity, you must visit the "tuff villages" Pitigliano, Sorano, and Sovana, rightly elected from amongst the most beautiful Italian cities for cellars and houses carved in this extraordinary stone.
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