Via degli Ombrellari - Vatican - Rome

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A 35 square meters apartment on the first floor (no elevator), renovated in 2015, modern and essential furnishings in the Prati neighbourhood, in the area within the "Borgo" area around the Vatican City and the Vatican Museums.
A beautiful red door opens this small but comfortable apartment. On entering there is a hall with three windows with views of Via degli Ombrellari, from this same corridor you access the bathroom, kitchen, living room and bedroom. The bathroom which is the first room to the right has a shower cabin and washing machine. The second room always to the right of the hallway is the kitchen; this kitchen is small and narrow, has everything you need for six people, microwave, electric stove top and refrigerator (small).
The living room has a sofa bed (double), a dining table with four chairs and a TV corner. The bedroom has a double wardrobe, a bedside table and two single beds which can also be joined to make a double bed (160cm x 190cm).
The apartment has air conditioning.

In the sumptuous splendor of ancient Rome, the area "Borghi" was populated with villas and gardens, including the famous "horti of Agrippina" and "Domizia Lepida". In the age of Domitian and Trajan a circus for naval battles was erected , the "naumachia", of which considerable remains were discovered between Castel Sant'Angelo and Piazza Risorgimento. Also in this area, specifically on the left side of the Basilica of St. Peters, the Circus of Caligula was built. The Circus was built inside the Villa of Agrippina Maggiore and welcomed horse races and chariots. At one end of the circus the great obelisk transported from Egypt was located, now this obelisk is in the center of St. Peter's Square. With Christianity the "Borghi" become the center of fervid religious activity, the basilica was built by Constantine. Between 1935 and 1937 the "spine" of Borgo was demolished to make way for the current Via della Conciliazione. North of the Via della Conciliazione, the neighbourhood was able to keep until recently its folk character, however on the south side the neighbourhood shows a completely different face: there are only offices (especially belonging to the Vatican), an auditorium, and the large 'hospital of the Holy Spirit. The pedestrian area is called Borgo Pio where there are several restaurants, bars and shops selling religious articles and objects of religious art: crucifixes, crosses, religious icons, rosaries, statues.

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  • Inclusions Final cleaning
    Initial cleaning
    Utilities (electricity, water, gas)
  • Available methods of payment: PayPal
    Wire transfer
    Credit Card
  • Check-in time: 15:00 - 19:00
  • Check-out time: 09:00 - 11:00
  • Cancellation Policy The full down-payment will be retained.


  • 5.0/5 Todo perfecto, buena hospidalidad y perfecta localizacion.
  • 4.7/5 Kitchen is extremely small, only a small foldable table available. Excellent appartment located between St. peter and angle´s castle, perfect distance to ANY public transportation. Quiet, even considering the vicinity to the nightlife district with restaurants near by. Good reception by the "greeter", last minute phone# change was not recognized, however. Reccommended for a couple seeking cultural and/or spiritual enrichment. I would expect a better follow up wrt. welcome mails / instructions prior to the stay.


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