Romantic itineraries in Italy


Be My Valentine

Be My Valentine
The great poet Alda Merini once said, "Great love is always on the move,” and even if the true meaning of this quote is different and much more profound, a woman of such great intelligence would have probably found it funny to know that it was her thought that inspired the idea of walkind hand in hand.

Walking hand in hand through the winding streets in suggestive Medieval cities, letting your eyes gaze upon the rolling green hills, or letting yourself be taken away by the beautiy of a Roman church under the shade of a century old cypress which evokes images of a certain regions, Tuscany. This part of Italy does not need an introduction and offers infinite alternatives for every type of traveller. Love has chosen to live in Tuscany in the warmth of a thermal bath with a glass of good wine and fresh fruit to share.

As we go further south, the sensation of warmth increases and colors become stronger and bright, and flavors are stronger as well. Sicily always arouses strong emotions and passions, and its inhabitants are also passionate about food and in welcoming all the warmth of their land. We are used to thinking of Sicily as a summer destination for its crystal clear sea and its mild climate that allows bathing until late October, but it is in winter that this island reserve more surprises. Visit the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento withouttraffic, listen to the gurgling of the hypnotic Fountain of Arethusa in Ortygia in Syracuse, get lost in the theater of Taormina or stroll to the Isola Bella in almost total solitude, are privileges that belong only to those who travel during the winter during which the climate softens the surrounding nature. Etna, puffing under a blanket of snow continues to be a perfect setting for lovers as it was in myth of Acis and Galatea in one of the many mythological love stories.

There are many lovely that unfortunately were not mentioned simply because Italy is a country so rich in beauty and prone to love to it would make this list endless ... the Beatles were right when they said "all you need is love, love is all you need," because we live in a country so extraordinary that wherever you are there will always be a frame.