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Summer in Sicily …. The love spell of Sicily summer nights

Summer in Sicily …. The love spell of Sicily summer nights
Sicily is an extraordinary island, which has been attracting tourists from all over the world for centuries, enchanted by its crystal-clear sea and eager to enjoy the rich artistic heritage, set into a stunning, breathtaking landscape.

A very popular place is the Val di Noto, one of the biggest UNESCO sites in the world: the valley comprises towns and villages of amazing beauty, such as Noto, Ragusa, Ragusa Ibla, Scicli and Modica. All of them play a major role in art history books, being masterpieces of the Baroque style. There must be a reason if they have been chosen as set for the adventures of Commissario Montalbano, the famous character created by the genius of the Italian writer Andrea Camilleri.
Should you have planned your summer holidays right here, in this enchanted valley, we suggest you don’t miss the shows organized during the “Estate Iblea” (Iblea Summer), taking place between the Donna Fugata Castle and the historical centres of Ragusa and Ragusa Ibla.
Write it down in your diary: the Scalinata illuminata di Caltagirone (Caltagirone lit staircase) is another must-see event. On July 24th-25th and August 14th-15th, the colourful staircase in this Sicily town, world-renowned for its pottery, is lit by oil lamps as sign of devotion to the Saint of the day, according to an ancient artisan tradition passed on from generation to generation.
If you like contemporary art, have a look at the exhibition dedicated to Andy Warhol taking place in Noto (until August 28th), whilst for motorcycling fans the Motor Fest Low Ride of Racalmuto, near Agrigento (July 1st-3rd), is an unmissable event!

Taormina belongs to those few Italian towns usually associated with wealth and jet set. People who spend their holidays in Taormina are admired, yet the city’s reputation hasn’t been misleadingly exaggerated by talented communication agencies: Taormina has a beauty of its own, with no need of commercials boosting it. On the backdrop of the emerald-green sea and the imposing Etna volcano, the extraordinary Greek theatre still houses major plays and shows, according to an amazing schedule yearly renovated and enriched: centuries have passed, but inspiration gets stronger and stronger.
Still hungry for more to see and enjoy? At summertime the area surrounding Trapani also offers plenty of entertainment. Segesta archaeological park proudly houses the Festività Dionisiache 2016 (Dionysia Festival 2016), during which contemporary as well as ancient plays are performed.

In July and August, in San Vito Lo Capo, an incredibly popular town in summer, literature entertains tourists and locals alike: during the festival “Libri, autori e bouganvillea” (Books, authors and boungainvillea), the main Italian writers discuss and exchange opinions about their works in the warm summer nights. The key event in San Vito takes place mid September: it’s the international Cous Cous Festival, celebrating this featured dish, part of the heritage Sicily shares with the other Mediterranean countries.

Sicily means this and much more: come and discover traditions prospering unaltered since the dawn of time, fairy spots and mouthwatering food. You’ll learn soon that everything can happen under the moonlight of the dazzling Sicilian nights.