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Easter in Tuscany: our holiday tips

Easter in Tuscany: our holiday tips
Easter is fast approaching, spring shows at its vibrant best with flowers and sweet smells. Sunlight is warmer and days grow longer … it’s high time to wake up and go out to discover new places or to come back to those ones you loved and never forgot. Can you imagine a better opportunity to spend some quality time with your family and friends? We have picked out the most original events organized by the major art cities in Tuscany: nothing boring, but exclusive travel suggestions for an extraordinary Easter!

Siena If on Easter enjoying the city’s cultural heritage and the mouth-watering dishes of its traditional cuisine is essential, you have no excuses for the following day: on ‘Pasquetta’ - as the Easter Monday is called in Italy - there are plenty of choices to keep adults and children entertained. A picturesque steam train starts from Siena and crosses the clay hills to Buonconvento, an authentic Medieval town, home to a typical antique fair. The ticket of the Treno Natura (Train of Nature) can be bought online.

Lucca It’s the perfect town for a visit during the Easter holidays for both its friendly size and the many events taking place in the centre as well as in the neighbourhood. Don’t miss the procession of posthumous Jesus, organized every 3 years on the Holy Friday in Camaiore, a small town of Versilia. The streets of the city centre sparkle with the dim light of the tiny oil lamps, which convey a truly evocative charm: an unmissable opportunity that you must take straight away, as the next procession is scheduled for 2019.

Pisa The city of the Leaning Tower is one of the most visited in the world, but very few people know that you can also enjoy it from a different point of view: the river. Take the evocative itinerary of Pisa-San Rossore, which crosses the banks of the Arno river (Lungarno mediceo) up to the stunning protected area of San Rossore, where you can go hiking or horse-riding, stop for a picnic or discover the park by carriage. For reservations, call the Centro Visite San Rossore.

Florence Last but not the least, Tuscany principal city is one of the most beloved tourist destinations in Italy. Not to be missed, the Explosion of the Cart (scoppio del Carro) on 11:00 on March 27th: write it down in your diary! Visit our blog to read more about this festivity of major importance for the Florentines, which dates back to the first Crusades. The Civic Museums of Florence (Musei fiorentini) offer laboratories and guided masked tours for the whole family. On Easter Monday (Pasquetta) don’t forget the treasure hunt organized in one of the most beautiful Italian gardens! In the stunning atmosphere of the Bardini Garden children are entertained with a breath-taking treasure hunt, discovering the secrets of plants and trees, whilst parents enjoy the special guided tours. On the Holy Friday, the Via Crucis in Grassina, a town just outside Florence, stages the death of Jesus Christ with 500 actors, conveying an incredibly moving atmosphere.

Don’t lose any more time, pack up and go … Tuscany is waiting!