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Professional Property Management

Professional Property Management

    Windows on Italy provides the ideal solution for property owners who appreciate the combination of contractual flexibility and secure income. The best way to make use of your second home, or villa, is to rent the property for short or long periods relying on Windows on Italy's highly qualified staff who is happy to help you with listing your property and turning it into a real investment. 

    We will take care of your property by transforming it into an easy source of income without any effort on your part.

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    - Property management
    - Easy source of income
    - Evaluation by experts - Suggestions for furnishing solutions
    - Personalised advice - Ideal solution if you live far away
    An excellent opportunity to earn a good rental income while trying to sell your house.

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    - Promotion all over the world - Publication on 15 websites
    - Promotion in 7 languages
    - Booking on-line reservation system
    - We handle your requests
    - Flat rate tax option available - 24-hour customer service

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    If required

    - No obligation on your part - Reception service
    - 24-hour emergency management
    - Ordinary maintenance - Emergency maintenance
    A partner company will handle linen change and cleaning service.

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    - Registration of contracts for you - Withdrawal with short notice - Your can use your property whenever you want
    You can stay at your property whenever you want by using a dedicated and easy-to-use online platform where you can manage or check real-time availabilities.

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    Renting your property short-term facilitates its sale. Property rentals are very popular among investors. In order to help make your property attractive we will offer you our furniture consultation and redesign the property to adapt it for temporary rentals.

Want to buy a vacation home in Italy?

Windows on Italy offers the opportunity to buy your very own vacation home in Italy, complete with property management services to assure you have the best return on your investment.
Through WOI Destination Club you can choose among a carefully selected portfolio of apartments and villas in key destinations such as the Italian Lakes, Alps, seaside, countryside, or larger cities. Fully furnished and equipped properties for a turn-key real estate solution and investment.