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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

If you have not found the answer to your question please contact us at +39 055268510 or write us and we will be pleased to help!



Has the Windows on Italy staff personally visited the properties?

Absolutely! We have an office in Florence and throughout Italy. We personally visit any property before advertising it on our website in order to provide the highest quality standards.


What is the standard size of beds in Italy?

In Italy it is unusual to find a king-size bed or a double bed larger than 180 cm. If you have particular requests, please do not hesitate to contact our staff by e-mail or telephone.

1) Standard single bed: 90 cm. width, 190 cm. length

2) Three quarter bed: 120 cm. width, 190 cm. length

3) Standard double bed: 160 cm. width, 190 cm. length


What is it the tourist tax and how much does it cost?

Some municipalities (Rome, Venice, and Florence) have introduced a tourist tax applied to those who stay in the city that is not included in the rental price. The apartment managers or hotels send this tax money directly to the municipality and it will be used to improve the city’s services.


In Florence (for more information, please click here) the amount of the tourist tax is equal to € 3,00 per person per night for 7 consecutive nights (excluding children under 12 years).

In Rome (for more information, please click here) the amount of the tourist tax is equal to € 3.50 per person per night for 10 consecutive nights (excluding children under 12 years).

In Venice (for more information, please click here) the amount of the tourist tax is equal to € 3.00 per person per night for a maximum of 5 consecutive nights (excluding children under 10 years).

For further information, please contact us.


Cancellation Policy:


Our cancellation policy is applied to both full and partial cancellations of any booking which has been confirmed. Please note that the minimum stay for both apartments and villas must be respected in case of partial cancellation (i.e. if a villa or apartment has a minimum stay of 7 nights, you cannot cancel 2 nights and request a refund for those nights).  


Apartment Cancellation Policy:

For stays up to 60 nights: Should you need to cancel the booking before the start of the lease, Windows on Italy will retain the down-payment paid upon reservation. Should you need to cancel the booking 7 days before or once the lease begins, Windows on Italy will retain the full rental amount.


For stays over 60 nights: Should you need to cancel the booking, Halldis will retain:

- the down- payment paid at the moment of reservation for any cancellations received up to 7 days before check-in;

- one month's rent for cancellations received less than 7 days before check-in

For early termination of the lease contract, clients must provide 21 nights notice.


Cancellation Policy for Villas, castles, farmhouses and other small properties in the countryside:

If a booking is totally canceled, then the cancellation penalty is calculated based on the total rental price (regardless of what amount has been paid and what monies are still due). In the case of a partial cancellation (staying one day less for example), then the cancellation penalty is calculated based on the difference between the original total rental price and the new total rental price for the new dates of stay (i.e if the total rental price was 1000 euro and the new rental price 800 euro, then the following cancellation percentages are calculated based on the difference, i.e 200 euros).


The following percentages are calculated starting from the day we receive written notification of cancellation.


- 30% of the total rental amount is withheld for cancellations received from the moment the booking is confirmed until the payment of the balance (due 45 days before the beginning of the rental period)

- 100% of the total rental amount is withheld if cancellations are made within 45 days of the beginning of the rental period

- 100% of the total rental amount is withheld for refusal of the property at Check-In and/or No Show


In case of long-term rentals (over 61 days), clients must provide a 60-day advance notice to avoid paying any cancellation penalties. For more information on canceling long term rentals please contact one of our staff by email.


What kind of information will I receive after booking?

Once the booking process is complete, you will receive a confirmation email where you will find:

- The summary of the reservation data,

- The correct address of the property,

- The phone number of the hospitality staff.

Please print the email to be shown at check in. Please inform us of your check in 2-3 days before your arrival calling the number shown on the voucher or our office at + 39 055 268 510 (Open Monday to Friday 9:00 to18:00).





Once I arrive, which means of transport can I use to reach my apartment located in the centre?

There are several options to reach the city centre and your apartment:


1) take a taxi outside the airport or the railway station. You should simply tell the taxi driver the address of your apartment

2) book a private transfer: if you prefer to organize your stay down to the last detail, this is the right option for you! For further details, please contact our Guest Experience staff.

3) rent a car: in that case we advise you to carefully acquaint yourself in advance with ZTL (limited traffic zone) present in the cities of Florence (ZTL Firenze), Rome (ZTL Roma), Milan (ZTL Milano), Venice (ZTL Venezia), and Bologna (ZTL Bologna).


I booked a property located outside the city centre, so how do I get there?

In the booking confirmation email, you will always find the exact latitude and longitude of the property so that you can easily reach it with your own car (using a navigator) or by arranging a private transfer before your arrival.

In case of any difficulties, the greeter (whose number is shown on your voucher) will be glad to help you.


What do I have to sign at check-in?

You will be asked to sign two documents:

1 - The first document is the check in form in which you will be asked to verify the perfect condition of the property

2 - The second document is the rental contract that you have already accepted and received by email upon booking


What documents do I have to provide at check-in?

You will be asked to provide 2 documents:

1 – A valid identity card for each guest (passport for foreign visitors), except for children under 18;

2 - A visa for each guest (if necessary depending on your country, the reason and length of your stay). For further information, please see the website of the Italian Ministry of the Interior (click here).


How can I pay for the security deposit?

Apartments: For stays equal to or lesser than 15 days, all clients will have to grant €300.00 with a valid credit card 7 days before check-in for a pre-authorization. For stays between 16 and 30 days, guests will have to pay €1000.00 7 days before check-in. Prepaid and/or debit cards are not accepted. For rentals over 30 days, special conditions apply. Some properties reqest a €1000.00 deposit for stay shorter than 15 days, so please read our website carefully.

Villas: Please see the conditions written on each property profile on our website.




What should I do if I accidentally damaged something?

Do not panic, everything can be solved! Please immediately call our office at +39 268510 or, if it is a really urgent problem, please contact the emergency number. If it is a less urgent problem email us. Our office is open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00. Our expert staff will contact you as soon as possible to solve the problem.


How can I request extra services?

As a real estate agency, we cannot provide the services you may be used to in a hotel. However we can satisfy all your wishes thanks to the collaboration with highly qualified partners to offer several services such as: professional cleaning and linen change; car rental with private chauffeur, tours; Italian cooking classes or private chef. If you wish to book one of our extra services, please contact us.


Can your staff enter the property during my stay? Will I be warned before?

In exceptional cases we may need to enter the property, but we will always warn you by email or telephone. All our employees wear badges with their name printed on it so you can easily recognize them and ask for their help.


Can you check out by yourself?

Yes, you can check out by yourself. You just have to leave all the keys on the kitchen table, turn off the lights and all electrical devices, close the windows, empty the refrigerator and take out your trash. Do not forget to close the door firmly to make sure the property is safe after your departure.