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Tips: Getting to Florence, Driving and Parking

Tips: Getting to Florence, Driving and Parking

The whole of the historical center of Florence (all what is inside the main ring road system) has entrance and parking restrictions to who uses a car and is not a resident of Florence. The area is a restricted area monitored by a complex camera system where special regulations apply that need to be taken into consideration well before venturing into Florence with your car. This system is called the ZTL, or "limited traffic zone". If you have booked accommodation in the historical center of Florence and you decide you want to travel to Florence by car then please read these instructions carefully to help you plan your arrival stress-free and without having to pay hefty fines for “doing something wrong”.

Non-residents (so therefore tourists) are completely prohibited from entering the resticted zone of Florence and parking their vehicles during the following hours from Monday to Friday: from 07:30am to 20:00pm and Saturday from 07:30am to 16:00pm (except on Sundays and Bank Holidays). Further more specific regulations can apply to (e.g during the summer night and during special events such as “La Notte Bianca”).

The ZTL is marked by a series of 'access gates' which, in addition to being appropriately signposted by clearly visible signs, are controlled by cameras that automatically detect the number plates of all the vehicles that go underthem. Among the many 'roads' there are some (such as those reserved exclusively for public transport and emergency vehicles) that are always prohibited to transit, 24 / 24 every day. It is easy to know when you can pass by looking at the “traffic light”. Basically, the green light shows "Free Access" whereas the red light means "Authorized Access Only" and you should not enter the city when the red light shows.

Going under the cameras (with the exception that you should never use the lanes reserved for public transport / pedestrian zones, which are lanes that are prohibited 24 /24) when the red light is lit will result in a heavy fine. If you need to get inside the ZTL to reach your apartment, you should first contact the private garage nearest to your accommodation and reserve a parking space. Making this reservation will allow you to enter without as many problems on the day you arrive.

Garages are of course not fee but they record and transmit your license plate directly to the relevant authorities electronically and that will exempt you of any fines you may receive. Permission to enter the city centre will be granted up to a maximum of two hours for unloading baggage and luggages and therefore, as a rule, only on the day of arrival and departure can you make the most of this permission. Parking in a garage even for a few hours will allow you the use of this temporary parking permit.

Some of the biggest private garages are:

- Garage Centrale - via dei Fossi 50/r (Tel: +39 055 210 018)
- Garage Ponte Vecchio - via dei Bardi 45/r (Tel: +39 055 239 8600)
- Garage Lungarno - Borgo S. Jacopo 10 (Tel: +39 055 282 542)
- Garage Sole - via del Sole 14/r (Tel: + 39 055 238 1695)
- Garage Delle Terme - via delle Terme 47 (Tel: +39 055 294 169)
- Garage Del Bargello - via Ghibellina, 170/r 47 (Tel: +39 055 238 1857)
- Garage Inferno - via dell'Inferno, 1,2,4,7,9r, (Tel: +39 210970)

The link to find the full listings of private garages in Florence can be found here PARKOPEDIA

People who have valid 'disability permits' and who need to get to their accommodation located within the ZTL should contact the following number +39 800 339 891 as special permission is granted.

If you do not want the hassle of arranging parking in the city centre of Florence you can opt for one of the following alternatives: you can park your car outside the restricted traffic zone, go by bus, catch a taxi or hire a Private Transfer to reach your apartment.

Parking outside the ZTL means parking in one of the areas called ZCS (controlled parking zone). Florence is divided into several ZCS zones and they are simply areas where non-residents can park for a fee within the blue lines (bays indicated by white lines are reserved for residents only) and at the following car parks.

Car park "Parterre" (Piazza Libertà), "Oltrarno" (Porta Romana), "Beccaria" and "Fortezza da Basso" (at the Fortezza da Basso) where you can take advantage of good daily rates.

The website where you can find all this and more parking information as listed above is Firenze Parcheggi. You can also visit Florence Town Council's website for more information on driving around Florence.

For more information call our customer service on +39 055 268510 or email us and we will respond as soon as possible with all the information to help you organize your arrival in Florence.

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