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All regions

    Windows on Italy has picked out a wide selection of villas and apartments across several regions of our wonderful Country. We will guide you through different landscapes and cultures where your house will be the perfect starting point for adventures to remember for your whole life. 

    Always bear in mind that Windows on Italy's team is always at your complete disposal and please feel free to contact us for any suggestions or questions.

    The region of wonder
    Tuscany boasts all types of landscape: from the mountain to the sea, from the cities of art to the countryside and every place is worth a visit. Choose this wonderful region if you wish to enjoy an immense artistic heritage which will leave you breathless. You can visit several cities, worldwide renowned for their beauties such as Florence, Pisa, Siena, Arezzo, Lucca learning and enjoying the food and wine delicacies of Chianti and Maremma areas and many other places to be discovered.

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    The Queen of the Mediterranean
    Be fascinated by the smells of citrus groves, ancient myths and legends which characterise millenarian cities and stunning beaches. Enjoy all of its flavours discovering the exquisite Mediterranean culinary art. Discover the golden mosaics of the Sicilian churches, the chant of the fishmongers, lose yourself in the tiny laneways and alleys admiring some artisan workshops of past times. Book a property equipped with all the amenities for your trip.

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    Land of the Etruscans and flavors

    Discover the Trasimeno Lake, the marsh of Colfiorito and the cities of Assisi, Orvieto, Todi and Perugia. Trace the remains of the Etruscan civilization and the ancient past. From the Arch of Augustus to the many necropolis scattered throughout the area. Do not miss out the opportunity of tasting the esteemed black truffles and the Pecorino cheese of the city of Norcia. Finish on a sweet note with “Bacio” by Perugina, the world-famous hazelnut chocolate, to enjoy at your Umbrian accomodation.

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    The lemon coast
    Breathe in the perfume of lemons and marvel at the former glory of the superb Marine Republic of Amalfi. The worldly frenzy bursts into the countless villages situated on the edge of the sea, nestled among the rocks. The unexplored beaches offer stunning sunsets. You can also easily visit Naples, the Campanian archipelago, Vesuvius and the National Park of Cilento. We would be pleased to assist you in your search for a property which enhances the beauty of Amalfi.

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    Myrtle and dreamlike sea

    The Sardinia relaxation consists of white beaches, crystal clear waters and unspoilt nature. The island is an open-air museum with about 7000 “Nuraghi”, prehistoric tombs called “Dolmen” and sacred wells. Visit the Gorroppu canyon, the most amazing natural European chasm or Emerald Coast where, if you are lucky, you could meet some celebrities. Enjoy the traditional Carasau bread or the grilled suckling pig or the white nougat with honey. Discover this paradise-like island, unique in the world.

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    The enchanting land of Trulli
    Be enchanted by the strong rhythm of local folklore's music in front ot the emerald sea. The interland is dotted with centuries-old olive groves, esteemed vineyards and ancient villages.Do not miss a visit to the Trulli of Alberobello or the Baroque cathedrals of Lecca, a good dish of homemade Orecchiette pasta, a boat trip on the archipelago of Tremiti or an excursion in the wild Gargano. End the day in a wonderful villa with swimming pool, surrounded by the Mediterranean landscape.


    The perfect VIP lifestyle
    Alpine atmospheres, authentic colours and flavours characterise these wonderful lakes. Medieval villages, castles, picturesque streets and little harbours are typical scenarios standing on their shores, where time seems to stand still. These landscapes inspired great writers with their several works: from Catullo to Goethe to Manzoni. Cinema chose them as locations of famous movies like “Rocco and His Brothers”, “Ocean's Twelve” and “Casino Royale”. What are you waiting for to live a holiday like real celebrity?